(Bass, Vocals)

Dave started playing in a group in junior (middle school now) when he would have been about eleven or twelve years old. There was only the bass left, so he used his elder brother’s six string guitar with the top two strings taken off. His first amps were reel to reel tape recorders, switched to record, and then going through Rediffusion rental speakers.

He went through most of the music styles over the years, but always preferred sixties music. He was also very fortunate later on to support many bands of the time including The Fortunes, The Tremeloes, The Troggs, The Searchers, The Ivy League, and The Marmalade. He teamed up with some guys, who he had known, and worked with over the last few years in different bands, and also had the same type of background, to form The Counterfeit Sixties.