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Cyprus 2015

In June The Counterfeit Sixties went international and took their show to Cyprus for a week and did 4 shows at  Tala Amphitheatre PaphosPissouri Amphitheatre LimassolTala Amphitheatre Paphos 2nd night and Paralimni Amphitheatre Famagusta.

The show was to celebrate 50 years of The Hollies, so the whole first set of the show was all Hollies Songs and the second set was all our classic 60s dancing songs where we had everyone on their feet dancing and clapping along.

We had a lovely villa where we stayed in Peyia: with its own swimming pool which we were all in, relaxing and teaching certain band members how to swim (videos to follow).  We had our own car which our head of travel and logistics (Vince) enjoyed driving and burning rubber against the locals, we had some lovely food at Coral King restaurant who looked after us while we stayed in Cyprus. 

To see photos of our trip to Cyprus please look at our Facebook page or please check this blog with some photos from our gig at Tala.

We would love to do some more work abroad as we had a fantastic time!


Personal Highlights of Cyprus  


I think meeting the people after the gigs was great, it always is.  Driving through the lovely countryside on the way to the gigs and stopping off for some nice food after the soundcheck.  Also the weather, the pool and very nice accommodation. It would be nice to take the full sixties show to Cyprus.


Was a very good experience, meeting really nice people and playing all outdoor gigs.  Looking forward to going back with the Counterfeit Sixties if that is possible.




Had a wonderful time in Cyprus! Lovely country, people were very friendly, Great shows in open air amphitheaters, and taught the rest of the band how to swim.


Loved all the traveling around, our private villa, the local beers, going to the Tomb of Kings, our swimming pool (which I was never out of) and relaxing before I had to come back and go straight off to the next show.

Sooty and Sweep 

Due to legal reasons and an on going legal case we can't comment on Sooty and Sweep's time in Cyprus.  All that we can say is that the case between Sweep and the local police will be sorted soon and he says he didn't get drunk and steal that car!  But they did have a great time and were very well looked after.


The Playhouse 

WOW WOW WOW, this is possibly the best way to describe our show at the Playhouse on 12th April 2015!  This year was about proving a point, and we certainly did that!  All the extra lighting we had, new video and massive sound system all helped towards making this the best gig at the Playhouse that we have ever done, then, of course, our encore, where we had The Linskill Community Choir come on and join us to do 5 songs. 

The band love the atmosphere of the Playhouse and each year try to make it bigger and better than the year before, but after this and setting the bar so high we don't know what we can do to beat it. but we will find something for next year!

The Playhouse also marked the official rebrand of the show including new website, a new program and new pop up banners which will be sent out to venues up and down the country.  The band would like to thank Darrin for all the work he has done on the website and the actual show itself.  The band would also like to thank Christine Clark 'Banners'  Banham for all the work she has done to make the program and pop up banners, the band are over the moon with the outcome and can't thank her enough (even if she has threatened to kill Darrin a couple of times!).

So, the thanks: we would first of all like to thank you - the public - for coming to see the show, because without you we wouldn't have a show (in fact we may all have to go and get a real job!)

We would like to thank The Linskill Community Choir for all the hard work that they did leading up to the show. 

Christine Clark 'Banners' Banham for all the photos that she took (all 600 of them) of the show which you can go and see on our Facebook page.

All the Playhouse staff, both front of house and back of house who helped with everything from loading in to selling the ice creams.

And finally to Darrin and all his crew, which without all these guys the show would not go on, all the planning, loading trucks, setting up and then running, they did an amazing job and without them the show would not have been such a success!