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management @ counterfeit60s.com

(Production Manager, Sound, Video and Lighting)

Dave Sibbald’s twin brother – Darrin Roll – was born some 38 years after Dave.

A Christmas present for his parents, he grew up, was educated, and still resides in his birth City: Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

He originally joined the band as a “Lampy” (not-very-technical term for light show operator).

After a change of personnel, Darrin took on the multiple roles of Production Manager, Sound Engineer, Lighting and Video Designer & Operator.

He has also been known to drive the van.

Darrin’s studies resulted in him attaining a Foundation Degree in Live Theatre Sound and Lighting and a BA Honours Degree In Music Enterprise.

In addition to his job with The Counterfeit Sixties, he also works for a North East theatres and venues. 

As well as this Darrin runs his own company - Dazzling Sounds – where he hire large scale sound systems and full lighting rigs, he also does some DJing (apparently there is such a word) in packed pubs and Clubs around Newcastle.

In what little remains of his spare time he enjoys playing guitar, bass and keyboards, having previously played in his own band “Random” and in a Punk group!

Darrin loves the touring aspect of his work: travelling to venues in new Towns & Cities.

Acts he has worked for include: Billy Ocean, PP Arnold,  Tinie Tempah, Mark Owen (Take That), Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Funeral For a Friend, Cover Drive, Little Mix, Wheatus, Royal Blood, Lucy Spraggan, Route 94, The Beat, The Dammed, Buzzcocks and Coronation Street’s Craig Charles (Funk and Soul Show).

The band thinks he’s worth his weight in Gold (a not inconsiderable sum).

Technical gibberish, sound:

Behringer X32 Mixing Desk with stage racks

HK Deacon PA System 

Shure, AKG and Sennheiser Microphones


Technical gibberish, Lighting:

Avolites Tiger Touch Pro lighting desk 

Showtec moving lights

Any questions about the technical part of the show please email Darrin on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Counterfeit Sixties was formed by four experienced musicians with the purpose of performing some of the greatest songs from the most creative period in pop music.

Each member of the group has a wealth of experience from playing in various combos, and working with some of the legends of the time.

As the band themselves grew up in the sixties, they are fully aware of the memories that can be evoked by a 60's show.

A full multimedia experience, utilising live action footage of many familiar sights and sounds from the period: from specially selected events, famous people, adverts, and - of course - the original artists themselves, the two-hour performance covers many aspects of the era.

With over thirty bands & singers covered, it is undoubtedly the most comprehensive 60's show around today.

Keeping the 60's 100% live!

Welcome to the Counterfeit Sixties official website

The Counterfeit Sixties Show is currently touring theatres and festivals throughout the UK and abroad. The aim is to take the audience back in time to enjoy the songs, videos, images and stories from the Sixties in an action packed 2 hour performance.

The band have a back catalogue of more than 70 songs from over 40 artists. 

Have you heard?  We have an LP out, well we think you call it a CD these days.  Current special offer: Buy One Get One, £5.  Drop us a message if you would like to take the madness of the show home with you!

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Counterfeit Shows 2019



23/2/19 The Phoenix Theatre Blyth Northumberland (Seventies Show) Buy Tickets


2/3/19 The Platform Morecambe Lancashire (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

16/3/19 West Cliff Theatre Clacton-on-Sea (Seventies Show) Buy Tickets

29/3/19 Howden Park Centre Livingston Scotland (Seventies Show) Buy Tickets

30/3/19 Falkirk Town Hall  Scotland (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets


4/4/19 The Lights Andover (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

5/4/19 The Exchange Arts Centre Dorset (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

6/4/19 The Artrix Arts Centre Bromsgrove (Seventies Show) Buy Tickets

12/4/19 The Buccleuch Centre Langholm Scotland (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

13/4/19 Eastgate Arts Centre Peebles Scotland (Seventies Show) Buy Tickets

26/4/19 Whitley Bay Playhouse (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

27/4/19 Carnegie Theatre Workington (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets


10/5/19 The Mart Theatre Skipton North Yorkshire (Seventies Show) Buy Tickets

11/5/19 Kidderminster Town Hall (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

15/5/19 Harlow Playhouse Hertfordshire (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

16/5/19 Guildhall Arts Centre Grantham Lincolnshire (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

17/5/19 West Cliff Theatre Clacton-on-Sea Essex (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

18/5/19 Swindon Arts Centre (Seventies Show) Buy Tickets

25/5/19 Gorleston Pavilion Great Yarmouth (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets


18/6/19 Dudley Town Hall West Midlands (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

21/6/19 The BruntonTheatre Musselburgh (Seventies Show) Buy Tickets

28/6/19 The Benn Hall Rugby Warwickshire (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

29/6/19 Haverhill Arts Centre Suffolk (Seventies Show) Buy Tickets


31/8/19 The Byre Theatre St. Andrews Scotland (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets


1/9/19 Parkway Cinema Cleethorpes Lincolnshire (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

7/9/19 Motherwell Concert Hall Scotland (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

20/9/19 The Benn Hall Rugby Warwickshire (Seventies Show) Buy Tickets

27/9/19 The Artrix Arts Centre Bromsgrove (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

28/9/19 The Maltings Berwick Upon Tweed (Seventies Show) Buy Tickets


5/10/19 The Century Theatre Leicestershire (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

18/10/19 Eastgate Arts Centre Peebles Scotland (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

19/10/19 Howden Park Centre Livingston Scotland (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets


1/11/19 The Phoenix Theatre Blyth Northumberland (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

8/11/19 The McMillan Theatre Bridgwater Somerset (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

9/11/19 Haverhill Arts Centre Suffolk (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

10/11/19 Parkway Cinema Beverley Yorkshire (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

29/11/19 Rothes Halls Glenrothes Scotland (Sixties Christmas Show) Buy Tickets



Counterfeit Shows 2020



8/2/20 The Customs House South Shields (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

29/2/20 Stafford Gatehouse Theatre Staffordshire (Seventies Show) Buy Tickets


6/3/20 March The Barnfield Theatre Exeter (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets

7/3/20 The Kings Hall Theatre Herne Bay Kent (Sixties/Seventies Show) Buy Tickets


9/5/20 Stafford Gatehouse Theatre Staffordshire (Sixties Show) Buy Tickets






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